​Real Madrid or ​Barcelona could earn €11.5million if they win the Spanish Super Cup. The tournament is to be played in Saudi Arabia and is worth 40m as it begins on Wednesday.

The majority of the fans will be locals as the match between ​Atletico Madrid and Barcelona is already sold out. Each team were given 12,000 tickets to sell but most of them were returned by the Spanish clubs for the purpose of being sold in Saudi Arabia.

The Galacticos sold the most tickets at 700, followed by the Catalans at 300, the Rojiblancos at 50 and, finally, Valencia with 25.

Men and women are both going to be allowed in the stadium and the latter won’t be confined to a single area, an unprecedented move as even a few months ago, this wasn’t allowed.

Despite protests from Valencia, the Super Cup is set to be an economic hit as the Spanish Football Federation will distribute 6m to develop the grassroots of football in the country. Meanwhile, the Catalans and the Galacticos could be the biggest winners financially from this deal as they could earn up to 11.5m if they win the competition.

With such an amount to be won by the club should they clinch the title, there is surely a strong incentive for the sides to try their best to win the tournament.


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