We love fashion but the fancy style terminology is tricky. Fashion’s code of conduct entails a lot more than pouting, smiling and an arched back. It is crucial that you know the vast terrain of fashion and the many branches of it. We bring to you ten complicated fashion terms and how to pronounce these style defining patterns. It will make a good case for a fashionista. Here are some frequently mispronounced terms and how to pronounce it correctly.

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* Atelier: A designer’s or an artist’s workplace or studio

How to pronounce it:uh-tel-yay

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* Bustier: a tight-fitting, strapless top donned as a blouse or brassiere

How to pronounce it:boo-stee-yay

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* Chambray: A fine cloth in cotton, linen or silk

How to pronounce it:sham-bray

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* Décolletage: A low-cut neckline of a dress, seen front or back and often across the shoulders.

How to pronounce it:dek-oh-lay-taje

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* Empire waist: A fitted bodice ending just below the bust.

How to pronounce it:ahm-peer waste

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* Faux: Imitation, artificial

How to pronounce it:foh

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* Gilet: A light padded sleeveless jacket.

How to pronounce it:zhih-lay

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* Haute Couture: Customised designs created in the designer’s for private clientele

How to pronounce it:oat koo-ture

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* Ikat: A printed fabric where yarns are dyed before the weaving.

How to pronounce it:eei-kaht

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* Macramé: A textile made from knotted cords to create patterns

How to pronounce it:mac-ruh-may

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First Published: Feb 14, 2019 12:27 IST


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