New Delhi: 

A 22-year-old man allegedly beat an old friend to death before robbing him in southeast Delhi’s Amar Colony, police said on Sunday. 

Farman, a resident of Noida’s Haldauni, has been arrested. He was unemployed and under debt, police said.

He first intoxicated his friend, Arshad Ali, 23. Then, Farman crushed Arshad’s head with a stone and slit his throat. Later, he robbed his mobile phone and other articles, police said. 

Arshad’s body was found lying near railway tracks in Delhi. He was missing since January 10 and was last seen with Farman, police said.

The accused said he had intentionally taken the victim to an isolated place near the railway tracks and crushed his head with a stone to mislead people and police.


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