There are many things in the house which have not been used for a while and we know will not be used in future as well. Most of the times we save them for days when we might need them but the moment never arrives and hence, it is time to get rid of them.

Condiment packets
We all get them in numbers and save it and use it with your next snack but we end up hoarding them. Throw them out after 15 days or they might end up messing your drawers or expire.

Plastic spoons and forks

plastic spoons

Admit or not, we all hoard these disposable spoons we get through home delivered food. Of course the come handy during travels but one must avoid using plastic for its hazardous effects on health, moreover when it is old and kept casually in drawers.

Unmatched socks


Either you watch a lot of DIY videos and decide how you can make use of the unmatched old socks else discard them. They are only occupying space in your wardrobe.

Old medicines


Old and expired medicines should not be kept in house and they act against positive vastu. Moreover, it is always better to get rid of these medicines so that you do not consume them by mistake.

Containers without lids


Lids are lost easily but we continue using the utensils without them. They become useless because they cannot keep the food warm and one must not store in containers without lids in the fridge. Uncovered food means bacteria can spread to other foods too.


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