What do you do when you can’t hold your pee but the toilet seat you have to use looks nasty? You frantically search for tissues to clean the seat or look into your bag for the toilet seat disinfectant or worse, cringe, crouch and sit on the seat anyway because holding it in is no longer an option – and pray you don’t catch any infection.

But what if we told you there are people who don’t get grossed out by the toilet seat they are using because they have a smarter way of dodging all the germs sitting on the seat? Well, they squat, not on the seat but over the seat. In this position, they are hovering over the seat and avoid the butt from touching the seat.

However, health experts have warned that semi squatting may not really be healthy, primarily, because when you semi squat, your muscles do not relax fully and the pelvic muscles are not in their natural form. This means that your bladder will not empty fully and will retain some urine – which again puts you at risk of urinary tract infection (UTI).

While it is clearly a hard choice to sit on a gross looking toilet seat or getting a urinary infection, there is one trick that will keep you safe from both – and that is keeping some toilet papers and sitting on the seat. Relax your bladder so it can fully empty itself – keeping your system healthy and happy.


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