Season after season, Pitti Uomo – world’s most epochal menswear trade show (hosted biannually in Florence) sees the impeccably-dressed buyers, exhibitors and designers showing up in bespoke tailoring in visually sumptuous fabrics. Hosted in the iconic Fortezza da Basso in the Florentine city, it is a visual feast for photographers with these new-age dandies going all out with their push on tailoring techniques and their clever take on the art of accessorising. The 96th edition of the fair saw bespoke tailored suits in soft hues along with vibrant hats and nifty eyewear.

Designer Gaurav Khanijo observes, “What makes Pitti Peacocks stand out is their penchant for gorgeous fabrics, which fall stunningly. This edition was high on pastels, powder mints and earthy tones and most suits were non-lined and extremely lightweight. What Indian men could borrow from Pitti style is the fact that any jacket which weighs heavy isn’t a good jacket. Even the trouser fits are getting looser as opposed to fitted. Florence as compared to Paris is striking to look at in terms of street style. For instance, here you won’t find a pocket square being matched to the belt or shoes.”

The overall sartorial style is derived from the classic dandy zone and over the years, street and sporty hints have been added to the ensembles. Stylist Isha Bhansali says, “I do see a lot of Cuban influences this season, for instance, the button down resort shirts. Also, it is a heaven for accessories, be it the Oxford brogues, cravats or tie pins.”

Also, the fact that it’s a trade show, buyers, exhibitors come sporting their merchandise which gets instantly noticed. Stylist Akshay Tyagi says, “The show visitors always up their game and try and present the best version of themselves, which becomes a conversation point. All in all, it’s a great balance of commerce and arts.”

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First Published: Jun 18, 2019 12:41 IST


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