ACT Fibernet, the fibre-only broadband service provider in India, has started giving 100GB additional data benefits to its subscribers. The new move comes just days after the Bengaluru-based company brought its new brand identity. ACT Fibernet has also separately announced that it would start offering the new Amazon Fire TV Stick along with Alexa Voice Remote. The new offer is available on select broadband plans in Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, and Hyderabad. It is ultimately designed to expand content delivery on ACT’s network.

Among other developments, ACT Fibernet has revealed through its Twitter account that it has started offering an additional 100GB data to its broadband subscribers in India. The free data can be viewed through the ACT Fibernet app, and it comes over and above the existing data benefits. However, it is unclear whether the benefits are available throughout India.

ACT Fibernet has confirmed Gadgets 360 that the additional data offering is available through all the 16 cities where it operates. With select plans, the service provider is also offering as much as 1,500GB additional data that is valid until February 28.

In other development, ACT Fibernet has started offering the new Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote worth Rs. 3,999 with select plans. The offer is available for subscribers in Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, and Hyderabad.

Particularly in Bengaluru, ACT Fibernet is offering the Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote for customers subscribing for 12 months the ACT Storm (Rs. 1,049 per month) plan, ACT Lightning (Rs. 1,399 per month) plan, or the ACT Incredible (Rs. 1,999 per month) plan. There are also additional one-month and two-month free broadband access for customers picking up the ACT Lightning or ACT Incredible plan.

In Chennai, a complimentary Amazon Fire TV Stick is given for customers subscribing the ACT Blaze (Rs. 999 per month) plan for 12 months or the ACT Blast Promo (Rs. 1,049 per month), ACT Storm (Rs. 1,099 per month), ACT Lightning (Rs. 1,299 per month), ACT Thunder (Rs. 1,499 per month), ACT Incredible (Rs. 1,999 per month), and ACT Giga (Rs. 2,999 per month) for six months.

Further, customers choosing the ACT Blast Promo, ACT Storm, ACT Lightning, ACT Thunder, or the ACT Incredible plan in Chennai for a period of 12 months can avail three months free broadband Internet as well as a complimentary Fire TV Stick along with free Wi-Fi router usage. The ACT Giga customers, on the other hand, can avail one-month free broadband Internet along with complimentary Amazon Fire TV Stick, an Alexa Voice Remote and free Wi-Fi router usage after opting for the 12 months subscription.

For the residents in Hyderabad, the Amazon Fire TV Stick offer is available on the 12-month subscription of the A-Max 1050 (Rs. 1,050 per month) plan, 11-month subscription of the A-Max 1299 (Rs. 1,299 per month) plan, 10-month subscription of the ACT Incredible (Rs. 1,999 per month) plan, and one-month subscription of the ACT Giga (Rs. 5,999 per month) plan.

ACT Fibernet subscribers in Hyderabad can also avail two months free Internet broadband along with a complimentary Amazon Fire TV Stick by subscribing the ACT Incredible plan or one-month free Internet along with the Fire TV Stick by opting for the ACT Giga plan.

In Delhi, the Amazon Fire TV Stick bundle offer is valid on the ACT Platinum Promo (Rs. 999 per month) and ACT Diamond (Rs. 1,249 per month) plans for up to 12 months.

“Amazon is one of the most preferred content providers in India, and we are delighted to work with them,” said Ravi Karthik, Marketing Head, ACT Fibernet, in a statement. “Our aim is to provide one-stop entertainment solution to our customers and this partnership is yet another step towards our goal.”


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