On Friday, Aidy took to her Instagram and revealed that she was dropping her fashion line.(Aidy Bryant/ Instagram)

World, meet Pauline.

Saturday Night Live star and comedian, Aidy Bryant rolled out her very own new plus-size fashion line, Pauline, on Friday. Named after her great aunt, the line is at present only offering one dress style in three blues, a solid, a stripe and a gingham.

On Friday, Aidy took to her Instagram and revealed that she was dropping her fashion line, she wrote “BIG NEWS: i made some dresses for you guys”. She dubbed the shirtdress the Lovington and it sells for $175 on paulineny.com.

In a video on the site, Bryant reveals, “I have been a fat lady my whole damn life … and I always felt like there were clothes out there, but not what I wanted, and what I wanted was something easy and simple and cool, but also comfortable.”

Bryant, who was last seen on Hulu’s Shrill, wanted easy, simple, cool and comfortable but couldn’t find what she liked. Then stardom hit and she enjoyed access to stylists and tailors for custom looks. Bryant says that was life changing, so she is partnering with her stylist, Remy Pearce, to offer her vibe to others.

The brand’s website explains their purpose, “Pauline thinks you deserve clothes that reflect who you are. Clothes that are well-made, easy to wear, easy to dress up or down, easy to style in a way that fits you. Everyone needs a friend like Pauline.”

Although only one dress style is available presently, the Lovington dress comes in sizes 12 through 28. The website shows three models Bryant, a size 18, as well as Ushshi, size 26, and Anissa, size 16 posing for the camera in the adorable shirtdress. Bryant revealed that the shirtdress with pockets is only a “little taste” of what one can expect from Pauline.

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First Published: Aug 17, 2019 15:13 IST


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