Alia Bhatt and Karan Johar share a special bond and the love is known to all. In a latest fashion magazine cover, Alia Bhatt and Karan Johar are celebrating their friendship in style. Alia is wearing a spectacular yet subtle Louis Vuitton dress paired with a Chopard watch and Karan Johar is dressed in a Gaurav Gupta head to toe, completing the look with a Chopard watch. The duo looks refreshing in white and blue, celebrating their multi- dimensional relationship. Karan Johar took to social media saying, “With my baby girl on my babies birthday!!!!” Alia Bhatt on her Instagram account shared the cover saying “My brilliant friend”.

Looks like blue is the mood and colour of the season of love and friendship and it is a refreshing change from the obvious red that celebrates the same spirit. Alia’s look is quite interesting be it the choice of silhouettes or the dewy make-up and the easy hair is just the perfect add-on to it.

Alia’s fashion choices have always made a statement as she is the millennial style icon for many. The youthful exuberance, the child-like charm and the effortless style she embraces has made this actor the face of contemporary young artist who is not ready to settle for one thing. Alia is versatile and we are loving the vibe. Karan Johar on the other hand absolutely believes in the idea of ‘go big or go home’. Karan’s style choices have been quite high-end be it his embellished suits, glittery shoes or the vintage sunglasses.

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First Published: Feb 07, 2019 16:55 IST


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