Anand Mahindra Feels This Video Of Captain Tania Shergill Should Trend

Captain Tania Shergill will be the first woman parade adjutant for the Republic Day parade.

New Delhi:

A video of Captain Tania Shergill leading an all-men contingent during the Army Day Parade gave business Anand Mahindra “goosebumps”.

Sharing the hair-raising video where the Captain commands the contingent with great confidence, Mr Mahindra wrote, “Now this gives me goosebumps. So incredibly inspirational. Tanya Shergill is what I’d call a true celebrity. THIS video should be trending… not just the Tik Tok variety…”

Captain Shergill became the first woman parade adjutant in Army Day Parade this year to lead an all-men contingent.

A parade adjutant is responsible for executing the parade.

An officer with Army’s Corps of Signals, Captain Tania Shergill will also be the first woman parade adjutant for the Republic Day parade.

Last year, Captain Bhavna Kasturi had become the first woman officer to lead an all-men contingent in the Republic Day parade.

Commissioned in March 2017 from the Officer Training Academy, Chennai, Captain Shergill is an electronics and communications graduate.

Her father, grandfather and great-grandfather have also served in the Army.


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