The holiday season is officially over! And that means getting back to the usual routine. It also means no more excuses to delay or postpone things craving your attention.

January marks the beginning of a brand new year and is also the time we act on our resolutions. Be it something like going to the gym for a better (and fitter) self or picking up a hobby, resolutions can be one too many. Moreover, they can also be overwhelming. If your inability to take the baby steps to work on a resolution is getting to you, you might be suffering from JANXIETY!

What is Janxiety?
We all are prone to experiencing little triggers of anxiety and stress every now and then. These tend to increase around holiday time. The mounting pressure of dealing with a holiday can be panic-inducing even if you are not really doing anything. This form of sickness, which is similar to seasonal depression is what experts refer to as ‘Janxiety’ or January fixated anxiety.

Janxiety can also build up from the thought of returning to your usual work and home routine after the end of the holiday. It is a temporary sense of ill-ease bundlep up with the problem of not living upto the new year resolutions.

But, there is also something you should remember- You are not alone and yes, you can absolutely get over Janxiety in a jiffy!

How can this be tackled?
First things first, remember it is a new year’s resolution and not the end of the world. It might be easy to think that setting a goal on New Years Day is going to help you achieve it all but such resolutions are nothing but a temporary benchmark which we set. If you achieve it, good for you but remember that failing to live upto the resolution doesn’t mean that you have actually failed. There are also a few other things you can do to create some mental clarity to work better:

– Declutter the house. If you have any holiday decorations on or any other memorabilia still around, it is time to take it down. Even if it something as simple as changing the covers or holiday special tablecloth!

-Since January is also the time most people look around for a job change, if the fear of getting back to the normalcy of the same old job is getting too much to handle, you can also look for a change in that direction which would free you up.

– Reaffirmations also help. Keep reminding yourself that it is just January and not the end of the world. This is also the time to practice some self-love and remember that you are not the only one breaking up resolutions. A lot of people do that. Also, stop comparing your goals to another. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the same so be kinder to yourself.

– Sometimes, detox diets and cleanses can also help. Because of the holiday binging and overeating, the body can get queazy and the digestive system can go for a spin, which also adds to the anxiousness. Going on a detox diet or juice cleanse is a good way to recharge and refresh your system and get it back in action.


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