​​Barcelona midfielder Arthur has revealed that he has learned a lot from the best player in the world Lionel Messi as well as gained confidence from his relationship and interaction with international teammate Neymar.

Arthur joined La Liga champions Barcelona in the summer and has already made a place for himself in the first team, appearing in nearly 20 games so far this season. The Brazilian midfielder has said that the reason he is doing so well at Barcelona was because of the help Messi gave in ensuring he gets comfortable in the team.

“Honestly I didn’t expect it. He’s a guy I admire and, in my opinion and many other people’s, he’s the best player in history,” Arthur said, according to Globoesporte.

“He gave me a lot of confidence, he helped me in training and in games. If the best player in the world praises you, I think that gives you some extra confidence.

“I am really grateful for his words and the attitude he has with me and everyone else in the dressing room.”

He was also in praise of his international teammate Neymar, and hoped that he would return to Barcelona. However, Arthur says he remains close friends with Neymar irrespective of whether he returns or not.

“[It] began with the national team. He’s a simple guy, really playful,” he said.

“We’ve got close, he helped me a lot with Brazil. When I came to Barcelona, I called me to do dinner, to do something, to meet up.

“Online I play video games with him. We speak nearly every day. When he plays on my side, he wins, but when he’s against me, he loses.”


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