Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva has revealed that the players just follow whatever their manager Pep Guardiola tells them to do, revealing that the team has complete faith in the Spaniard’s tactical tweaks.

Arsenal bore the brunt of those tactical tweaks as City completely outplayed the Gunners in the second half of their game at the Etihad Stadium, taking the team ever closer to Liverpool in the title race.

Silva confirmed that there were many such minor changes based on the opposition throughout the season, claiming that the team just follow the manager’s instructions as they almost always work.

“During the season we have tried many different things,” Bernardo told reporters, according to Goal. “We adapt to the way the other teams play.

“We try to attack the best way we think we can do, when they play four in the back, five in the back, when they play with four midfielders, three midfielders, one attacker, two attackers.

“So [against Arsenal] it was a good performance. We are happy with the tactics because it worked. We just follow what Pep tells us because we believe in him.

“Once again it worked, so we are very happy with that.”

It remains to be seen if they will be able to go about their business in the same clinical fashion for the rest of the season, especially considering that they are three points behind Liverpool. The Reds seem to be cracking under pressure and City will need to make sure they don’t drop any points.


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