There are a number of compartments within the fridge and most of us use all of the compartments equally with out segregating the meals sorts. However do you know that should you observe sure pointers whereas storing within the meals, it will possibly improve the shelf lifetime of the meals and keep the functioning of the fridge too. The completely different compartments have completely different regulation of temperature and therefore it will be significant that we take note of sure pointers.



A lot of the Indian households retailer milk in cooking pots and is saved in the principle compartment of the fridge. Milk wants a temperature under four levels celsius and it’s the proper technique to retailer it. However in case you are among the many different half of the inhabitants that shops milk in a bottle, you don’t have any different possibility than storing it on the door shelf however all the time attempt to push the milk bottle to the back-most place.



Bread is finest saved at room temperature however if you wish to retailer it for longer intervals one should retailer it within the freezer. Shocked? Bread goes exhausting when the moisture evaporates and the method speediates in fridge. Whereas, the method slows down within the freezer.



Most of us retailer tomatoes within the fridge believing that they are going to keep recent, pink and juicy however the truth is that they need to all the time be saved in a bowl on the room temperature in your kitchen slab. But when the temperature is excessive, like in summers, you may retailer tomatoes within the fridge vegetable basket or on the door because the temperature at these locations is hotter.


egg tray

When you’ve got been storing eggs within the current fridge egg tray, you have to learn this. If eggs are saved in an open plastic tray, they will soak up odour from different meals within the fridge and the style would possibly change accordingly. So, it’s advisable to retailer them of their authentic tray which retains them heat and shielded from completely different odours.
Butter and cheese


It’s best to maintain butter and cheese within the dairy compartment of the fridge. The compartment retains them slightly hotter than the principle compartment in order that they don’t flip too exhausting for use.

Meat and Seafood


Meats all the time may be maintain for longer intervals if saved in deep chillers. The temperature needs to be under zero levels. When you’ve got chillers for poultry in your fridge, all the time retailer your meats there. They won’t soak up odours from different meals as nicely in that compartment. In case you don’t have chillers, retailer meats within the coldest areas of the fridge which is usually within the deep again and decrease cabinets.


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