Doctors declared the father of Rajendra Kumar Mishra — Bhopal Additional Director General of Police (Selection and Recruitment) — dead last month, but he has not given up hope. The senior police officer has been administering ayurvedic medicines to his parent’s motionless body ever since it was brought home on January 14 from a private hospital, where doctors had struggled in vain for 20 hours to save him.

The 1987-batch officer has recruited an elderly Ayurveda practitioner to revive his 84-year-old father, K Mishra, who was declared clinically dead on January 14. Hospital sources said he had suffered malfunctioning of the kidneys, lungs and heart, following which a death certificate was issued. Things, however, changed after Rajendra Kumar Mishra brought his father home that evening.         

“After a detailed examination, the vaidyacharya (Ayurveda practitioner) found signs of life in my father.  He told me that my father was only in an unconscious state, and upon discovering that his critical health indicators were responding positively, we immediately put him on oxygen support. Simultaneously the vaidyacharya started treating my father with traditional Indian medicine formulations prepared with herbs sourced from dense forests in Hoshangabad and Chhindwara,” the police officer said.

He says he’s happy about the progress his father has made with the traditional treatment.

“My father is responding well to ayurvedic treatment, and no negative signs were seen in his body over the last 31 days. On the contrary, the toxins that had filled up in his body because of the allopathic treatment are being expelled. I know there are no guarantees, but I have complete trust in our traditional system of medicine – which is known to have fully revived cases such as these,” said Rajendra Kumar Mishra.

Sources at the police officer’s house claim that they have witnessed several positive developments, including “healthy changes” to the skin and even involuntary eye movements.

Doctors at the Bhopal-based Bansal Hospital, where the police officer’s father was admitted with extreme breathlessness around 8.30 pm on January 13, refused to believe reports of the miraculous traditional treatment. “The elderly patient had a history of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. He was first rendered non-invasive ventilation along with appropriate medications, and later put on ventilator and dialysis after his urine output fell to zero. However, despite the best efforts of our consultant pulmonologist and critical care experts, he suffered cardiac arrest,” an official source at the hospital said.

Efforts to revive the police officer’s father had gone in vain, the source claimed. “We tried cardiac massage as well as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but the patient was declared dead at 4:30 pm on January 14,” he added.


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