Friday night’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 was one of the longest and most exciting we have ever seen. RJ Malishka and Pritam Singh from season 8 analysed all that has happened so far with Aaj Tak’s Shweta Singh.

Maliksha tried to defend Arshi in the beginning and called out patriarchy for making a villain out of her even as she did more or less the same things as Zubair. However, Malishka regretted it later when it was revealed how Arshi said some really horrible things about Hina and Zubair, something she was fighting against not too long ago.

The panel also talked about the padosis and how they have been rendered powerless against the housemates. From Hina to Arshi, they have received an earful from a lot of people from the house.

Again, Shilpa created quite a scene when she put a piece of ‘filthy ginger’ in Vikas’ tea. Of course, this started a fresh round of shouting and screaming where none of them seemed to give in.

Later, votes were cast on who should be sent to prison. Housemates voted for Shilpa, Aakash and Arshi but the padosis switches Arshi with Zubair because they wanted to separate Arshi and Shilpa for a while and try to break their friendship.

Shilpa, however, escaped the prison with help from Aakash at night. She put her slippers, stolen by Vikas, next to his head and he slept peacefully. She then ran back to the jail and celebrated her small victory.

For the time being, Hiten Tejwani appears to be the only sane contestant. His popularity on the small screen makes him one of the prominent participants this season.

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First Published: Oct 06, 2017 23:35 IST


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