Shefali Jariwala is happy to meet husband and actor Parag Tyagi.

Actor Shefali Jariwala, who is currently on the ongoing reality show Bigg Boss 13, had a visitor recently on the show. Her husband and actor Parag Tyagi entered the house and went on to threaten Asim Riaz.

In a promotional video doing rounds online, Parag is seen entering the house. Watching him coming towards her, Shefali gives up her chance to win captaincy during an ongoing task to meet him. However, after exchanging initial greetings, he tells her that he needs to talk to Asim. “Aap Himanshi ko do hafte se jante the. Kisi ne onchi awaz me baat kari to aap kud pade. Mere saath 10 saal se hai Shefali, mai use 10 saal se pyar karta hu. Koi use kuch kare mai faad dunga. (You knew Himanshi since two weeks but whenever someone spoke loudly to her, you used to jump on him. Shefali is with me since 10 years, I love her since 10 years. If anyone does anything with her, I will kill him).” He greeted Paras Chhabra with a hug. While Paras is an old friend of Parag, Asim is a new acquaintance for both.

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Fans were upset that Parag chose to target Asim when even Paras did not respect his wife, Shefali. “You are nothing #paragtyagi till yesterday, who used to abuse your wife and you, you are embracing her #AsimRiaz a lion dont underestimate him, Keep away Good for you,” one fan wrote.

Another one wrote, “#paragtyagi flipper jst like his wife……the man who said vulgar things about her wife get respect from him and the man who jst dnt want to talk with her wife get a threat…waah parag bhai waah…. Itni body show off ka liya …mard khn sa hue app.”

“#paragtyagi u r totally you wrong. Asim hadn’t told anything to ur wife it’s she that want to talk with him,” another Asim fan tweeted.

Inside the house, both Paras and Asim initially shared a friendly bond with Shefali. However, her growing closeness and friendship with Asim irked Paras who even mocked her relationship and loyalty in her marriage. Later, Asim and Shefali also fell apart when the former felt that she was faking her friendships.

Bigg Boss had introduced the captaincy task titled Jaadugarni Ki Pariksha on Wednesday’s episode. Shehnaaz Gill, Mahira Sharma, Shefali and Arti Singh were locked in a set-up of a haunted forest. Temptations, in form of family members, entered the house and if the contestants went ahead to meet them, they would be out from the captaincy race. Arti’s brother Krushna Abhishek was seen entering the house with his twin sons on Wednesday’s episode.

Shehnaaz’s father will also be seen visiting her when he will ask her to stay away from Sidharth Shukla. Mahira Sharma’s mother will also enter the house and ask Paras to avoid kissing her.

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