​Bruno Fernandes has heaped praise on manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, describing the Manchester United boss as ‘really important’ in helping him to settle in England.

Fernandes arrived at United in January following a move worth up to £67.6m from Sporting CP. The midfielder has settled into life at the club seamlessly, with three goals and three assists in his first eight games for the club.

Bruno Fernandes

Fernandes has previously played in ​Serie A as well as in Portugal, and when asked about his transition to the ​Premier League, the midfielder was full of praise for Solskjaer and his teammates.

“I think the coach is always important for a new player when you come in,” Fernandes told ​Sky Sports. “With me, it was really important because you need to feel confidence from the other side. When you need to change, and it’s a big change coming from another country to a big club with big players, you need to be ready.

“I think when I arrived here, the coach was really important but more than the coach was my team-mates because when you have the confidence of your team-mates, it’s much better and easier for you.”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

One of the aspects of Solskjaer’s style which Fernandes was quick to praise was the ​United boss’ man-management, adding that he believes former players can at times have the edge over managers who don’t have experience of playing at the top level.

“I think he’s really good on this and he was a footballer so he knows when he needs to talk to players, when he needs to give a good word or sometimes come and push you to give more,” Fernandes continued. “I think when you have a past in football, you understand these things more than when you don’t have [a past].

“But sometimes you have coaches who never play football and they also know this too so it depends coach from coach, but I think Ole is really careful with these kind of points. He wants perfection, which is impossible, but he tries to ask more and more from us.

Fernandes went on to add that, while he understands his relationship with Solskjaer is only in its infancy, he respects the United boss’ attention to detail and believes this to be a key aspect of the modern game.


“It’s difficult because it’s been one month, but he’s always careful with the details and for me, that’s important because it is one of the things which changes football now is looking for the details,” he added.

“Now, every coach is really good, they look at each other and learn from each other and so the game is difficult. Now you have videos and most teams know what you will do, where you will place the ball, where they need to press so the game becomes harder and harder.”


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