Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri believes his side are more than capable of beating Gareth Southgate’s England even though he hasn’t had the time to get them up to speed. 

The Italian isn’t fond of international football and claims all top clubs could beat international sides. 

Sarri admits that the Blues are still a work in progress, but insists their ‘level’ is no less than the England national football team. 

“Our level is not less than the England national team,” he said on Friday, as quoted by ​Irish Examiner

“We can draw, we can lose, we can win. Maybe (I have had) more time than a national team but not enough to organise the team as I want. The next (week) will be the first week without three matches starting from August 20, so the time is not enough.”

The former Napoli head coach doesn’t think there’s anything to learn from international football, including the World Cup and claimed all club coaches had very little time for internationals. 

“There isn’t anything to learn. It is a usual position, every coach thinks like me. It is unusual to say it.”

“It is impossible to organise very well a team in 30 days. Every team in the World Cup will lose against the top level club teams in every match. It is very difficult to see a very organised team in the Euros or World Cup,” he concluded. 


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