​​Chelsea defender Marcos Alonso has claimed that VAR caused confusion among the players and the officials, resulting in the single goal that ​Tottenham Hotspur scored in their League Cup game.

Spurs striker Harry Kane was adjudged to be offside by the linesman before goalkeeper Kepa came out to tackle the player. However, VAR showed that Kane was not offside and as a result a penalty was given for Kepa’s tackle.

Alonso suggested that the players had stopped tracking back and defending after seeing the linesman’s flag, which had prompted Kepa to even come out in the first place, claiming that VAR is causing confusion.

Alonso told the Evening Standard: “Maybe [we were] unlucky because they only had one chance and it was thanks to the linesman, the VAR.

“I think when watching it on video it looks like it’s offside, and the linesman has stopped and put the flag up so we all stopped.

“The referee told me they have explained it to us already but I think maybe they haven’t explained it to this linesman, because he stopped and I think if there is any doubt that it’s not offside he has to continue running.

“The guy stopped. I think if we have to wait for VAR, I think he has to continue. But he has stopped in the middle of the path so it’s a bit confusing…when he stopped to put the flag and then we have to keep running, I think it changes [things], because maybe Kepa gets out to the ball quicker, or maybe as a defender you have to run back, but we stopped because the linesman stopped.”

Alonso will be hoping a similar confusion can be avoided when the two teams take on each other in the second leg of Carabao Cup semifinal to determine who plays Manchester City in the final. 


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