More than a fortnight after dismembered body parts of a woman were found in garbage bins in Chennai, the police have arrested the woman’s husband, who is a small-time film director and producer.

The woman’s identity was also established two weeks after her severed limbs with tattoo designs were found in a dumpyard in southern part of Chennai.

The police, who began investigation last month with just the tattoos as clues, on Wednesday arrested 51-year-old Balakrishnan for allegedly killing his wife, Sandhya, 35.

“Various cases of missing women were examined, among them identification marks of Sandhya, who went missing in Chennai, matched with the tattoos found on the severed legs,” Chennai Police Commissioner AK Vishwanathan said.


Sandhya’s body was chopped and dumped in plastic bags in Chennai, the police said.

Balakrishnan, after allegedly killing his wife on January 19, dismembered the body the next day and dumped the parts packed in plastic bags in various garbage bins in the city, the police said.

During investigation, Balakrishnan confessed to having committed the crime suspecting her fidelity, they said.

“Based on information he gave, another part of the woman’s body was also found on Wednesday,” the police said, adding that further investigation is on to find the woman’s head and torso.


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