BERKELEY HEIGHTS: President Donald Trump used Twitter on Saturday to promote unfounded conspiracy theories about how Jeffrey Epstein, the financier accused of sex trafficking, died in a federal jail, even as the administration faced questions about why Epstein had not been more closely monitored.
Hours after Epstein was found to have hanged himself in his jail cell, Trump retweeted a post from comedian Terrence Williams linking the Clintons to the death. Epstein “had information on Bill Clinton & now he’s dead,” wrote Williams, a Trump supporter. In an accompanying two-minute video, Williams noted that “for some odd reason, people that have information on the Clintons end up dead.”

There is no evidence to substantiate the claim, which derives from groundless speculation on the far right, dating to Bill Clinton’s early days as president, that multiple deaths can be traced to the Clintons and explained by their supposed efforts to cover up wrongdoing.

Responding to Trump’s retweets, a spokesman for Bill Clinton wrote, “Ridiculous, and of course not true — and Donald Trump knows it.” The spokesman added, “Has he triggered the 25th Amendment yet?” The 25th Amendment contains a provision allowing for the removal of a president if he is unable to perform his duties, potentially in the event of mental instability. Trump also shared a tweet, from an unverified account, which claimed that recently unsealed documents involving accusations of Epstein’s abuse had revealed that Clinton “took private trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘pedophilia island’”.
Documents unsealed on Friday include an acknowledgment from one of Epstein’s accusers, Virginia Giuffre, that an earlier claim she made about Clinton visiting Epstein in the Caribbean was untrue.


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