An unexpected new star was born at the Golden Globe Awards this Sunday night – a woman serving Fiji Water at the red carpet. Social media can’t seem get to enough of the Fiji water girl – as she has now been dubbed – who photobombed every celebrity pic and looked fabulous while doing so.

Quickly identified as model Kelleth Cuthbert by Internet sleuths, the Fiji water girl has now become a viral, veritable social media star overnight, smiling her way into fame while carrying a tray of water bottles for the Los Angeles-based bottled water company.

“It’s all strategic,” Ms Cuthbert told The Los Angeles Times. “You’ve got to angle.”

Take a look at some of the celebrity pics she photobombed on the Golden Globes red carpet, and the netizens admiring her confidence:

Of the many complimentary words that have been used to describe her, “queen”, “iconic” and “legend” top the list.

“I’m trying to get my confidence level to match Fiji water girl’s in 2019,” wrote one Twitter user. “The Fiji water girl is the real winner at the Golden Globes 2019. Owning it,” said another.

On her own Instagram page, Kelleth Cuthbert shared a picture from the red carpet with a tongue-in-cheek caption: “Not the worst way to spend a Sunday…”

Let us know what you think of the ‘Fiji water girl’ using the comments section below.

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