Adidas’ ‘Boost’ series is undoubtedly the company’s most popular collection. The latest edition to this series is the SolarBoost. Available at Rs 11,999 for women, and Rs 14,999 for men with up to six design options.

Adidas Boost series has been considered to be the company’s claim to fame. It is also considered the best running shoes in the market. The Boost series is known for its comfort cushioning and maximum energy return. It also fits the right style quotient for ‘hypebeasts’. Chiring Phunchok, a sneaker head from Delhi says Adidas Boost offers “the most comfortable cushioning in a sneaker today.”

He further adds that Adidas’ Boost shoes exemplify “style and functionality truly working hand in hand.”

The new SolarBoost as Adidas puts it is for casual long distance runners and sits between the UltraBoost and EnergyBoost. The SolarBoost silhouette is also 15g lighter than the EnergyBoost. So what does a normal person feel about the Adidas SolarBoost? Here’s our hands on experience of the new running shoes.

The SolarBoost isn’t as stylish as the Ultra Boost, but it can pass off as a casual sneaker. We had the ash grey coloured SolarBoost with hi-res accents running along the sides, front and back. The first time you try on the shoes, it might seem uncomfortable and slightly tight as well.

The mesh upfront which acts as cage can seem uncomfortable, but the shoe adjusts to your feet shape overtime. The light colours are prone to getting dirty easily, but they’re easy to clean.

SolarBoost is specialised for long distance runners. Also, these shoes aren’t for the gym. I’m no long distance runner or even a casual one. I did take the SolarBoost out for a short jog, and the experience was satisfactory. The shoes aren’t as light like Skechers, but it has better grip and is less slippery. I spent most of wear time of the SolarBoost as casual shoes.

If you’re a regular long-distance runner, or even a casual one and looking for good looking kicks, the SolarBoost can be good fit.

First Published: Feb 05, 2019 15:38 IST


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