WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump on Sunday said he has been in indirect contact with Kim Jong-un and his talks with the North Korean leader have averted a major war in Asia.

In an interaction with reporters at the White House, Trump said he had had “indirect” talks with Kim.

Soon thereafter he left for Camp David for a meeting with senior administration officials.

“When I came here this country was heading to war with North Korea and now we have a very good dialogue going. With North Korea we have a very good dialogue,” he said.

“Anyone else but me, you would have been at war right now … You right now would have been at a nice big fat war in Asia with North Korea if I hadn’t been elected president,” Trump said.

Last week, Trump received another letter from Kim. The two leaders are expected to meet soon. The date and place for the meeting has not been decided yet.

“It will be announced probably in the not too distant future,” he said of a summit with Kim. “They do want to meet and we want to meet and we’ll see what happens.” “With North Korea, we have a very good dialogue,” Trump added, saying he had “indirectly spoken” with Kim.

During their meeting in Singapore last year, Trump and Kim agreed for denuclearisation of North Korea.

The North Korean leader warned in a New Year’s speech that Pyongyang may change its approach to nuclear talks if Washington persists with sanctions. Trump said Sunday the sanctions remain “in full force and effect” and would do soalways until the United States saw “very positive” results.


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