It’s that time of the year again when your calendar is going to be full of never ending Christmas and New Year parties. Here is a list of winter essentials that are a la mode and won’t burn a hole.(UNSPLASH)

With winters comes this feeling of perpetual lazing, sipping on hot drinks and being cuddled up in a bundle, and it’s finally that time of the year again, so brace yourself as every date on your calendar gets blocked with year ending, Christmas and New Year parties.

With the freezing temperatures you don’t want to look like a layered mess hoping to be warm, here are some tips to stay warm yet stylish whether you’re staying home with a mug of hot cocoa or spending the night partying away.

Here is a list of winter essentials that are a la mode and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Read on:

Fur is Fur-ever

While we will never support animal cruelty, so forget fur, but who said you have to rule out faux fur? Indulge in a comfy faux fur jacket, whether its just the trimmings, the hood or a whole faux fur jacket and see yourself transform in to a diva. One can never go wrong with a faux fur jacket. The comfy jacket is made with fleece fabric that gives the look and feel of fur. It can be worn with a nice party dress and even over a pair of rugged denims.

Soothing polyester jacket

If you live in a city where winters are not only chilly but also damp, this is your go-to winter wear. The polyester layer prevents the cold wind from entering and also keeps the dampness away. Fit for an early morning jog and also for casual outings, although the fabric may not be the most ideal as most people have issues with it’s breathability, but in winters, the less frigid air touching you, the better.

Graceful purple pullover

Move on yellows, pinks and reds! Purple is the ultimate colour this winter, the colour of grace and grandeur, a purple pullover is a must-have in your wardrobe during the winter season. Be it deep purple, lilac, lavender or violet, different shades of purple are sure to brighten up your dull winter days.

Maroon high neck

While we tend to gravitate towards lighter colours in the spring and summer, darker colours are usually worn in winter. So why not opt for a powerful colour like maroon, and get a gorgeous high-necked or turtle-necked sweater, such a sweater would look dapper with any kind of outfit – whether you wear it with simple blue jeans or a sequinned skirt, it will always make you look ultra-chic. You can experiment with this sweater all you want!

Boots to suit the winter mood

In India, if you wear boots all year round you’ll be called crazy, but some of us are pretty crazy for boots, ankle length, calf length, high boots, you name it, we want it all! However, if you wear them in winter you can avoid those crazy stares. Opt for an ankle length pair for the daily, this will allow easier movement when you’re making your way around, for a night out opt for high boots, the higher the better. And the best part is they go with everything, from dresses, skirts, jackets to blazers.


Add a comfy woollen solid-coloured coat to your winter wardrobe. It will keep you warm and make you look on point. Not only that, there are many ways to style oversized woollens with skinny jeans, tight skirt, and sometimes every boyfriend jeans or flared pants go well. It’s all about confidence

(With inputs from IANS.)

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