So whether you are travelling for a business trip or for leisure, these tricks are a sure-shot way of ensuring that if you don’t lose any, you also don’t put any weight on during your holiday.(Unsplash)

With the holiday season coming around, many of us are bound to travel, but this shouldn’t stop you from maintaining or even reaching your fitness goals.

When one is travelling or vacationing, it is easy to fall out of your usual pattern of healthy eating and indulge in some delicious treats. And it is perfectly okay to indulge, after all you are in an exotic land and must experience the culture completely, however it is when one overindulges that we end up packing the pounds.

So whether you are travelling for a business trip or for leisure, these tricks are a sure-shot way of ensuring that if you don’t lose weight while holidaying, you also don’t put any weight on.

Check out these useful tips that are will ensure you are at your fittest when you holiday too!

– Carry out physical activities

Physical movement is what will burn those extra calories. If you are vacationing in some metropolitan city use renting bicycles for sightseeing. And if you’re in the countryside then there is no better way to burn the calories than by simply exploring the great outdoors!

– Walk to explore

Nothing can be better than traversing around on foot. Not only it gives an authentic sense of place but keeps one robust.

– Healthy morning ritual

Vacations are when one never sticks to a schedule. However, it is extremely important to have a very healthy morning ritual. Yoga or high-intensity workout followed by nutritious breakfast will keep you energetic all day long on the holidays.

It is best to keep your mornings healthy as it boosts your metabolism early in the day, and you don’t have to worry about exercise while you are out and about exploring.

-Count those calories

Eating new delicacies and exploring a new type of cuisine is the best part of travelling, however, if you wish to not put on any weight, it is best to indulge in just one calorie-heavy meal. And it is best if that is eaten for breakfast or lunch, as this gives you the whole day to burn those calories.

– Exercise while waiting in a queue

Standing in a long queue can be boring and tiring. Utilize your time and pursue simple exercises like sitting plank, calf raises and belly breathing. While standing in a line to buy tickets or stuff is inevitable, it is also possible to include some quick physical activities while doing so.

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First Published: Sep 15, 2019 14:43 IST


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