Actor Ranveer Singh is known for his energetic presence and wacky fashion. The actor had performed the rap numbers from his film Gully Boy at various events. But now co-star Alia Bhatt has revealed that Ranveer also has a very different side to his personality.

In an interview with Film Companion, Alia told journalist Anupama Chopra, “His silence is his strength and he is actually a very sensitive person. It was a big discovery for me as a human being and as an actor.”

She also revealed that while he is always bursting with energy, she is the one who stresses a lot about her routine and her work. To this, Ranveer suggested that she actually needs a boombox to calm her nerves and he would like to gift her one.

Talking about his passion for music, Ranveer said, “I love music. I try to play in every situation… in the car, in the gym, in the shower or while walking from point A to point B. It reflects the mood and keeps the spirits up.”

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The actor also shared what he imagined for himself before becoming an actor. He said, “I always thought that whenever I will become a big star, I would walk with theme music around me. I was so fascinated by the wrestlers. Whenever they enter, the theme music would play. I want to live my life as if it’s a film and there is background music for every situation.”

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First Published: Feb 17, 2019 08:29 IST


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