Gajendra Verma, known for his single hits such as Emptiness – Tune Mere Jaana, Tera Ghata, Ik Kahani and Mera Jahan, has never been sure of anything in life as much as music. It has always been a constant in his life and the rest have been happening in the background. “Since I was a child, music has been my main focus. Engineering happened on the sidelines,” says Gajendra.

He recently released Khelegi Kya, the first song from his album, Flip. “I have evolved as a musician. I am not the same person I was when Emptiness released,” he says, adding, “Music is evolving too, so I must experiment. I did a few sad songs, then a few peppy numbers. Now I am looking at other musical genres.”

Flip will have 10 songs that will release by the end of February. He says, “We are also looking at releasing four video songs for the album.” So, how does he go about selecting and finalising his songs? “Firstly, the song has to interest me. I have to listen to it 1,000 times, and only then release it. I don’t get it when people say that the audiences don’t understand and listen to all music. Our job is to present music. If we give them variety, the audience will appreciate it,” he says.

The singer-composer was in Pune on Saturday to perform for a live audience. “Pune never disappoints. The crowd is so well-behaved and enjoys music in the truest sense,” says Gajendra. Considering he has performed across the country, Gajendra shares that he does tweak his sets around 10% depending on the place. “We do add a few English songs in the metros. Also, it depends on the venue, if it is in a closed or an open space. Of course, I also spontaneously try and understand the vibe of the audience,” he says.

Having tasted success in such a short span, how does he not let fame get to him and stay grounded? “I am the least talented in my family. So staying grounded hasn’t been difficult (laughs). When I started out my brother was sceptical, but now he is happy with the way I have grown,” he quips.

First Published: Jan 22, 2019 19:33 IST


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