​Inter defender Diego Godin has criticised ​Serie A’s slow response to the COVID-19 crisis that has killed over 31,000 people around the world so far. The virus, which originated in Wuhan in China, has found its way across the globe, paralysing most of the world in the process.

Italy, especially, has been hit the worst as a little over 10000 deaths from the virus – almost one-third of the entire world. The lack of seriousness about the virus, in the beginning, played a big role in Italy’s downfall and Diego Godin believes that Serie A were slow to respond to the crisis.

The Uruguayan stated that the players were exposed to it until the very last minute and matches were only suspended after a host of players came in contact with the virus.

“We were exposed until the last moment. They kept pulling the rope to see if you could continue playing, until the situation was unsustainable,” Godin said, as per Goal.

“The health system collapsed, there are no intensive care beds to attend so many critically ill people and people who may have another illness, they cannot attend to them, so many professional doctors.”

“We continued playing for several weeks, we continued training, playing behind closed doors, until the positive of a ​Juventus player was detected and we and the Juventus players were quarantined.

“There the championship was stopped. Surely in that match there were other players who would already be infected, so they directly quarantined all of us.”


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