Jallikattu is a customized practiced the place cattle inventory are worshipped, in the course of the Pongal competition, primarily in Tamil Nadu. This yr it’s being celebrated on January 15. It is a sport the place a bull is let unfastened amongst a crowd of individuals. The individuals are alleged to take management of the bull by holding its hump for so long as they’ll.

The festival is widely known on Mattu Pongal, the third day of the harvest competition. Its title is derived from the Tamil phrases ‘salli’ that means cash and ‘kattu’ that means bundle. This refers back to the bag of cash which is tied to the bull’s horns which individuals attempt to pay money for.

The bull species known as Bos indicus, or humped cattle, is particularly bred for Jallikatu. The bulls that do properly on the occasion are used latter for breeding.

In accordance with a well-known legend, Lord Shiva had requested his bull, Basava, to ship a message to these on Earth that they need to take an oil bathtub every day and have meals as soon as a month for a interval of six months. However Basava blended up the messages and ended up asking individuals to eat on a regular basis and take an oil bathtub as soon as a month. This angered Lord Shiva and he punished Basava by cursing him to assist people in ploughing fields. Those that consider on this legend pray to the cattle inventory and attempt to tame them throughout Jallikattu.

First Revealed: Jan 14, 2019 18:21 IST


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