BEIRUT: A Syrian Kurdish official says Syria’s Kurds are awaiting clarifications from the US over America’s withdrawal plans following comments made by a top White House aide that appeared to contradict earlier comments by President Donald Trump.

Speaking to The Associated Press from northern Syria Monday, Badran Jia Kurd says the Kurds have not been informed of any change in the US position and were in the dark about the latest comments by US national security adviser John Bolton and what they indicated.

Bolton, on a visit to Israel Sunday, said US troops will not leave northeastern Syria until IS militants are defeated and American-allied Kurdish fighters are protected. The comments appeared to put the brakes on a withdrawal abruptly announced by Trump last month and initially expected to be completed within weeks.

The leaders confirmed their mutual willingness to increase cooperation in fighting against international terrorism and solving other pressing world issues, they said.

The conversation focused mainly on bilateral cooperation and current international issues, they said.

During the conversation, the Russian president invited Modi to take part in the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok in September 2019 as a main guest, the sources said.

The leaders also warmly congratulated each other on the new year.


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