LG is reportedly planning to get back to its trend of introducing the new flagship smartphone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). According to a report, the company is planning to announce the LG G7 ThinQ successor at an MWC event next month. The South Korean manufacturer is also said to be accelerating its production schedule for the year. It is unclear what has prompted this at the company’s end. The final branding of LG’s next flagship is a mystery at this point, which may end up being called LG G8 or LG G8 ThinQ.

As per a report in the Android Authority, LG is mulling to announce its next Android flagship at the MWC 2019 next month, which is scheduled for February 25-28. This will mark the company’s return to the MWC stage after the 2017 announcement of LG G6. The South Korean manufacturer had introduced the LG G6 successor – LG G7 ThinQ – in May at a standalone event. The report doesn’t include an explanation as to why the company may have decided to get back to the Mobile World Congress. While MWC is a great place for the smartphone companies to showcase their wares, sometimes the companies opt for standalone events on a later or earlier date to avoid getting overshadowed by other announcements.

The specifics of the LG G8 or LG G8 ThinQ, whatever the phone ends up being called, are under the wraps for now. But a December report from the South Korean publication ETNews had noted that the phone will include a display notch and pack 4G LTE support, instead of 5G. The report had also added that the LG G8 will go on sale in late-March.

On the 5G front, the company is said to be bringing another phone after the LG G8, which will have support for the next-generation telecom network. The phone will not carry the G-series branding, instead LG will announce it as a part of a fresh lineup.

Meanwhile, the Seoul-based company had recently introduced a new mid-range phone LG Q9 in South Korea. Targeted to the students, the phone will go in sale in July to match with the new school year.


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