Argentina managed to beat Chile 2-1 in Copa America’s third-place play-off, but Lionel Messi did not turn up for the post-match presentation in order to collect the bronze medal for his team after the game.

The ​Barcelona legend ​had been sent off in the first half after an incident with Gary Medel where he actually appeared to be the victim.

And after the game, Messi did not go to the medals presentation, whereas Nicolas Otamendi also missing.

Following the loss to Brazil in the semi-finals, the Barcelona hitman had already criticised CONMEBOL and the officiating at the tournament.

After the match against Brazil, he had said, “Brazil were not better than us. They found the net early and the second goal came from a penalty they didn’t award. [VAR] got tired of calling s**t fouls in this Copa America and today they didn’t even check it. Today they never went to VAR.”

Messi continued, “All the bulls**t decisions were to favour them. Cards for us, not to them. There were clear fouls [the referee] never saw. That happened all during the game. At the first glance of contact, they ruled in their favour and this kind of bulls**t distracted us from the game.”

Talking about not using VAR well, Messi had blasted CONMEBOL and stated, “The truth is we’re angry because we played very well, we put in a huge effort and for it to end like this makes us sad… I spoke to the referee and he said he would respect us that he would look after us but at no moment did I see that. Throughout the tournament they called bulls**t handballs, stupid f*****g penalties, and bulls**t fouls. But somehow today, they refused to use VAR.”

Claiming Brazil to be behind all the controversy, Messi concluded, “There is no excuses for us, but we need to review this, analyse it and let’s hope CONMEBOL does something about it – but surely not, because Brazil commands too much power in the organisation.”


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