​​FC Barcelona legend Lionel Messi has revealed that if he is deprived of the ball for a longer period of time in a game, he leaves his position and changes his game and chases the ball in midfield.

The Argentinean maestro is incredible when it comes to contributing to his team’s attacking prowess in games but he himself has revealed that he tries to focus on other aspects of the game too.

“I’m not a typical scorer,” Messi said in an interview with TyC Sports, as revealed by ​Marca.

He continued, “I prefer to drop back, be in contact with the ball and create. I also like arriving into the box and scoring, but I don’t live for goals. If I spend too long without touching the ball I can leave a game.”

Messi then reveals that he hasn’t always been like this, though, and he says he had to develop into being such a player.

He said, “I’ve learnt to control myself in a match and find the right moment. There are times when I don’t have to get involved and I wait for the most suitable moment. I’ve grown up. I read games better now and know when and how to take part to be more effective.”

The Barcelona great then ​compared Spanish football to Argentina’s as he said, “If you lose in Spain nothing happens,” Messi explained. “In Argentina you can’t leave your house and it’s really crazy. With football and in general, the daily madness makes its way into football. We see it with the national team around South America. They don’t let you sleep. They throw everything at you in the hotels.”


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