From being a timid daughter hidden in the shadows of her father and brothers, one would have hardly imagined how Arya went from the timid girl with a fiery streak to the swashbuckling warrior she’s become who is out to seek revenge from all those who wronged her family. Trained to be a ‘no one’, last season of Game of Thrones saw Arya Stark aka Maisie Williams reunite with her family (what remains of it and no spoilers if you haven’t followed GOT’s seasons), and even be a fierce competition to the great Brienne of Tarth.

These pictures on Maisie’s Instagram account, however, came as a breath of fresh air since they’re so different from what we’ve known of her onscreen over the last few years.

Dressed in an animal print dress from Kenzo, Maisie was clocked outside the Louvre In Paris and we loved her chic look so much that we wanted to dig deeper into it. Turns out, Maisie is sporting Kenzo’s Spring Summer 2019 design which can be seen in a jacket and trousers too. Take a look at these pictures and videos to get the complete idea:

Kenzo’s Spring Summer 2019 designs are all about prints on prints and one can notice elements from nature like leaves, the colours and the designs that explain the theme of the season. According to one of the posts on the brand’s Instagram handle, the Kenzo SS19 is all about embracing different shapes and sizes. Interestingly, their FW18 designs also incorporated a bit of the bold animal prints. Well, we love what we’ve seen so far, and can’t wait for more!

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First Published: Jan 23, 2019 17:09 IST


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