Manchester United legend Nemanja Vidic has claimed that he is convinced Manchester City forward Sergio Aguero was born as a defender, and said that Pep Guardiola made Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi better.

Vidic was part of the United back-line for six years, winning multiple league titles and trophies during his time. He has had battles with City and Barcelona during that time, and was more or less going toe to toe with Aguero and Messi regularly.

The Serbian, however, has said Aguero was born as a defender as he is so good in predicting where the ball will go next in the box.

He told The Athletic: “Aguero looks like he’s not interested in football on the pitch. He doesn’t look like a guy who will run 10 metres and then — bang — he makes the sprint. I’m convinced that Aguero was born as a defender. He knows where the ball will come and where he can attack. But in the box, he has a low centre of gravity, which helps him change direction quickly — especially against the big English defenders.”

Vidic also suggested that Messi’s game today is based on the changes Guardiola made to his game, considering the Argentine used to play wide earlier in his career.

“Guardiola changed Messi,” Vidic said. “He used to play on the right and had a tendency to cut inside. He was dangerous but predictable. Guardiola made him central and he became better. The whole team began to play for him. He runs at defenders with wingers running alongside him. I played against him twice and we lost both times. It’s hard to admit they were the better team, still hard to say and it’s still hard to take.”


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