​​Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has suggested that ​Liverpool had struggled to cope with the title pressure when they faced ​Leicester City, with the Reds only managing a draw and losing the chance to extend their lead to an almost unassailable seven points.

Manchester City lost to Newcastle United in an earlier game, handing the chance for the Reds to run away with the lead at the top of the table. However, Liverpool could only settle for a draw, with their second half performance particularly poor.

Ferdinand believes the reason for the sluggish performance from Liverpool was because of the pressure of the title challenge, and the nerves showed when the players were on the pitch.

“The only slight worry I would have is I sense nervousness and a team sitting there passing the buck at times,” the former Manchester United and England defender told BT Sport.

“That is something Klopp will have to address. You don’t want to see nerves at this stage, this is early.

“I think they looked nervous, the crowd were nervous and it fed into the players.”

All is not lost for Liverpool, however, as a five point lead is nothing to scoff at with February just around the corner. Both Liverpool and Manchester City will be involved in the Champions League, with the latter having other domestic cup distractions as well.

This though would be the best chance for them to capitalise, especially if City drop points against Arsenal in their game at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday.


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