​Marco van Basten was on the Ultimate Team in ​EA Sports‘ ​FIFA 20 game as one of the legendary footballers, but he has been removed from the game after making a Nazi comment during a TV appearance.

​Marca report that during an appearance on Dutch TV, a hot mic caught him saying “seig heil”, a phrase meaning “victory hail” with strong Nazi connotations.

And in response, he has been removed from the popular video game.

“We are aware of the recent comments made by Marco van Basten,” an EA statement started.

“We have an expectation that our commitment to quality and diversity is upheld across our game. As such, we will suspend Marco van Basten icon items from being available in Packs, SBCs and FUT Draft until further notice.”

Van Basten’s comments on Fox Sports came to ridicule TV presenter Hans Kraay’s German in an interview with Heracles’ German manager Frank Wormuth, and he apologised later in the show.

In his first comment, he was off-screen but with his mic still on, and he said, “Not too pretty, sieg heil, pfannkuchen (pancake).”

Van Basten has since then apologised, stating, “It was not my intention at all to shock people. I only wanted to explain’ Hans’ German.”

The legendary Dutch striker is the current owner of three Icon cards on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team rated 89, 91, and 93. However, the cards have been currently suspended from FIFA as a whole.


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