​Mario Balotelli challenged a bar owner in Naples to ride a moped into the sea in return for €2000 as bystanders were shocked to see an insane chain of events unfold in front of their eyes.

The incident occurred at Mergellina, a place on the coast of Naples. For now, according to Football Italia, the Italian striker did keep his word and handed over the money to the bar owner later.

On Saturday morning, Balotelli posted this footage on his official Instagram with the caption: “Good morning!”

The below video shows that the former ​Manchester City man actually handed over the promised cash to the bar owner later:

There is no doubt that Mario Balotelli is indeed living the life that he always dreamed of. 

From setting off fireworks in his own bathroom to buying two Vespa’s and a trampoline when his mother sent him out for an iron and ​mercilessly trolling his former team Inter Milan after the derby in April 2017, this guy has never ceased to amaze the football world with his incredible potential ‘off the pitch’.


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