Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino has revealed that he finds negotiating with club chairman Daniel Levy a lot easier than others have in the past. 

Levy has a reputation for being a brutal and tough negotiator, which can easily be summed by Sir Alex Ferguson’s famous quote that negotiating with him was “more painful than my hip replacement”.

Pochettino, who negotiated a lucrative £8.5m-per-year deal for himself, however, respectfully disagrees.

“For me, it’s the opposite,” he said, as quoted by ​Goal.

“For me, if there was one person that was easy to do business with, it was Daniel. Historically, other managers were the opponent of Daniel, they always fight with him. I think it’s only me maybe that has a good relationship with him.”

“It was not difficult, I think it was more difficult for him than me. It was difficult because I am the manager and he cannot upset me. If we are talking about extending a contract or giving me more money, you need to be careful,” he added.

“With agents, you can talk very openly and say anything you want and the agent will manage the situation. But when you are talking directly to your manager, you need to be careful because one word can change the negotiation or change your mind.” 

“For him, that was new and it was tough every time he needed to talk to me,” the Argentine manager concluded.


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