When nobody was looking, a mysterious brunette managed to become first viral sensation of 2019 by photobombing almost every red carpet shot at the Golden Globes 2019. From Nicole Kidman to Jim Carrey to Idris Elba to Richard Madden, the woman holding a tray of Fiji Water bottles and wearing a blue dress photobombed all the leading stars.

While the internet is still deciding if it was a savvy model or a brazen publicity stunt, internet can’t have enough of the woman – now revealed to be a Los Angeles-based model Kelleth Cuthbert. She looked directly into the camera as she walked into the photos of the stars before the 76th Golden Globes ceremony.

She posted the photos on her own account, with one photo bearing caption, “Not the worst way to spend a Sunday… #goldenglobesfijigirl #fijiwatergirl.” The photos soon spawned memes and even a spoof Twitter account.

Fiji Water tweeted from its official handle, “We’re so glad everyone is talking about our water! “*senses ominous presence* She’s right behind us, isn’t she? #FIJIwatergirl”.

Talking to CNet, she said, “I’ve been photobombing since I was a kid. My family … we’re all a bunch of hams.” She called the photo where she appeared behind Carrey her favourite. “It went by super fast. It’s a split second. [The actors] are all on a mission.”

Here are a few of the memes starring the Fiji Water girl…

According to Twitter, there were over 50,000 tweets about Cuthbert on Sunday night. And she also helped the water company earn more than $12 million in ad impressions, according to Yahoo Finance.

First Published: Jan 08, 2019 10:58 IST


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