​​Manchester City striker, Sergio Aguero has revealed that he was taught Pep Guardiola’s style of play not on the pitch but over dinner when the Spaniard arrived in England as per a new book ‘Pep’s City: The Making of a Superteam’.

Many believed that Guardiola’s arrival at the Etihad would spell the end of Aguero’s career at the club, with the Spaniard tending to criticise the striker, while also signing, Gabriel Jesus to provide competition to the Argentinian.

The Spaniard has his own style of play, and he wanted his striker to press more, hold onto the ball better and work as hard as the rest of the first team and now it has been revealed that Aguero was explained the intricacies over dinner.

“Pep asked me to try a new way of playing and I had to adapt. It wasn’t easy but I had no choice. My game is totally different now from what I was doing five years ago at City. A total transformation. At that meal, we talked about loads of things,” as per an extract taken from ​Dailymail as per the book.

‘We kept postponing it and then when we finally met up, we talked about work for 20 minutes or so. The rest of the meal we spent chatting about other stuff, family, life in general.”

The 31-year-old has thrived under Guardiola, scoring 103 goals under him in three seasons and is the undisputed number 1 at the club, with Jesus as the backup option. Aguero is City’s all-time highest goalscorer with 239 goals in 347 appearances, of which 172 have come in the Premier League.


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