New Delhi: 

Former prime minister HD Deve Gowda said in Lok Sabha on Wednesday that he had offered his resignation as a member of parliament to Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the BJP’s win in 2014 as he had said that he would quit if PM Modi gets more than 276 seats in the elections.

PM Modi, however, asked him to continue as he was one of the senior members of the House, he said in his speech during the last sitting of the 16th Lok Sabha which saw leaders of different parties including the Prime Minister sharing their experiences and views.

The JD(S) leader also referred to the Congress’s return to power in 2004 and said its then president Sonia Gandhi was unable to become the prime minister, to which Ms Gandhi, who sat near him, quickly replied that “I didn”t want to”.

Deve Gowda then corrected himself, saying this was not her desire.

Referring to the 2014 polls, he said, “In the elections there is some exchange of words. If you (Modi) get more than 276 seats, I am going to resign. This is what I said.”

When the BJP ended up winning 282 seats, he went to see PM Modi to offer his resignation, Deve Gowda said.

“He (Modi) told me that don’t take it seriously. You are one of the experienced politicians, you must not resign. I met him three-four times. I have no grouse against anybody,” he said while PM Modi was sitting in the House.


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