You can get away with a scolding from elders for wasting food at home but not at hotel in Telangana. The Kedhari Food Court in Warangal penalizes people who leave their plates with half-eaten food.

The eating joint has become popular over the years not only for the quality food it serves but also for the “no food waste” policy being advocated by its promoter Lingala Kedari.

Display boards at the hotel caution customers that those leaving behind food will have to pay Rs 50.

Mr Kedari has been imposing the fine-for-food waste for the past two years. He says he has collected Rs 14,000 so far and wants to donate it to an orphanage.

“Nowadays people who come to my place are very careful. The instances of penalty have also reduced,” he said.

Mr Kedari clarifies he is willing to pay penalty to those who do not like the food at his place. He adds that to his surprise his business grew after he introduced the new measures.


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