ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s former military ruler General Pervez Musharraf on Thursday challenged in the Supreme Court the verdict of a special court that had awarded him death sentence last month after finding him guilty of treason.
The petition was filed days after the Lahore high court nullified the special court’s verdict and declared the formation of the special court as “unconstitutional”.
The latest petition submitted by barrister Salman Safdar on Musharraf’s behalf urged the SC to declare the special court’s ruling null and void.
Musharraf was sentenced to death in absentia by the special court in Islamabad on December 17, 2019, six years after the trial began. The case was filed by the previous Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) government against him for imposing emergency in the country on November 3, 2007.
In the 65-page petition, Musharraf claimed that he was not given a fair trial by the special court.
Musharraf also pleaded that the special court ruling in the case was not consistent with the principles of Islam. “The ruling in the case was against the basic tenets of an Islamic state,” the petition claimed.
Musharraf’s counsel noted that his client was not allowed his right to appoint a lawyer in the case, and the verdict issued by the special court had been announced without his presence in the courtroom.
The petition also claimed that the permission of the federal government had not been sought before the case was brought to trial in the special court.
Speaking to TOI, Safdar said that January 16 (Thursday) was the last day to file an appeal against the special court’s verdict in the apex court. When asked about the need for approaching the SC after Lahore HC’s decision, he said that the top court was the only forum to file an appeal against the special court’s verdict. “The Lahore HC had given a decision on a petition that was filed against the formation of the special court in November last year, a month before Musharraf’s conviction in the treason case,” he said.


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