While red has been a popular choice for statement lips, to update the look, go for glitter. “Glitter transforms this make-up staple. Pick a sparkly ruby pout or wine lips. Pair it with loose curls, braided Victorian hair or a bouffant,” says make-up artist Natasha Nischol. But finding the perfect red is not that easy. Here are some tips…
Find your red: Figure out if your skin has warm or cool undertones. Rule: If you have a yellow-ish skin tone, you’re warm; pink-ish skin tone means you’re cool. An orange-based red suits the former, while a blue or pink-based red is for the latter.

Apply in natural, bright lighting: Make sure that the lines are even. Good lighting helps you do that. If you spot any uneven lines, use a clean, stiff concealer brush to fix it. Make sure your teeth aren’t stained.

Say no to gloss: Opt for matte or cream reds, as gloss lipsticks tend to smear.

Try the blotting trick: Dip a big make-up brush in translucent powder and hold a tissue up to your lips. Brush it over the tissue to make your lip colour stay longer without looking cakey.

Break some rules: Create a balanced look. If you’re pairing red lips with smokey eyes or a bold dress, leave your hair simple and your accessories understated.

When wearing red lipstick, go easy on the make-up. Let your lips be the only statement

Inputs by beauty and make-up experts Aakriti Kochar, Ishika Taneja

-Shikha Shah


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