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Prime Minister Narendra Modi was greeted by BJP leaders including party president Amit Shah at the party headquarters in Delhi as he arrived after trends showed the BJP winning a massive majority in the Lok Sabha elections. BJP supporters crowded around the headquarters amid rain and cheered for PM Modi as he walked towards them and inside the building. The BJP is moving to grab a win bigger than in 2014 with a 300-plus figure. With this, it has become the single-largest party. The BJP has kept its main states – the Hindi heartland, Gujarat and Maharashtra – while posting fresh victories in Bengal, Odisha and the northeast.

Here are the highlights of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s victory briefing on the day of Lok Sabha election results:

  • I bow my head before the 130 crore citizens of India. The national elections of 2019 is a historical event. The highest turnout in any election in the country was seen this time.
  • I’d like to thank the Election Commission and the security forces and everyone else who helped conduct a free and fair election.
  • After five years of service, we went to the people of India with a promise of a new India.
  • This is the biggest democratic event in the whole world. When Lord Krishna was asked who he represents, he replied, I stand for no one person or people, I stand for Hastinapur. So if today someone has won, it is India that has won. If someone is victorious in this celebration of democracy, it is the people. And hence, I place this victory at the feet of the people of India.
  • I want to wish the best to all those who were elected today to parliament, and sincerely hope that everyone in parliament will work together for the betterment of the country and to take the country forward.
  • There were many state elections too and I want to congratulate those who have been elected in the respective states. I salute them and the federal structure of India. I assure them all that we will work together as a team. The centre will cooperate and work with states every step of the way.
  • BJP is a special party. Nothing stops us, nothing holds us back. We work tirelessly and stay focused. In fact, there was a time when we were even down to two seats, even when we were down to two, we never gave up. We never went off track. We kept our focus and worked very hard. And today, we all are here and you all can see that is our story. That is what is special about the BJP.
  • There are many who say Modi-Modi, but this win is not Modi’s win. It is the victory of the earnest and honest Indian. It is the victory of those farmers who work night and day, through blood and sweat so that we get our meals. It is a win for that woman in rural India who waited for ages just to get a toilet. It is a win for those who sat in darkness for decades just to see the luxury of a light bulb. This is their victory.
  • There was a time when some political parties kept slogans like “let secular forces unite, let secularism stand as one”. But between 2014 and 2019, their reality was unveiled and this time no one mustered the courage to try and spread lies under the garb of secularism. They stood exposed.
  • After five years of our governance, the opposition could not find a single issue to blame us. No corruption, no real issues to blame us. That tells a story.
  • We are now building a new India and the first thing to end in this new India will be this caste system that holds us back and divides us. From here on there will only be two castes – one caste is poor and the other caste is of those who will contribute in every smallest way possible to help those who need to be brought out of poverty.
  • If we can bring the same spirit that Indians had while struggling for freedom, towards doing our bit for a new India, then we would create a prosperous India. I appeal to you all that even with such a tremendous verdict, such an immense victory, we must take every step with humility.

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