​The list of top 50 football clubs in the world of football has been released and it has garnered some pretty interesting results, including ​Manchester United, who find themselves 46th in the rankings.

The football world rankings publish the list on a weekly basis and their way of analysis is in the same way as the ATP World Tennis Rankings in terms of results beyond the last 52 weeks not being relevant.

Below is the graph that shows their basis of evaluation:

There is a further explanation on how world ranking points are gathered, with the result, importance of match, competition strength and FIFA confederation strength all included as deciding factors.

And, the latest batch of rankings sees the Red Devils just four places away from the very bottom, with ​FC Barcelona leading the way despite a pretty poor start to the season.

European champions ​Liverpool come in second with River Plate coming third. Premier League side ​Manchester City take the fourth spot.

Valencia, who won the Copa Del Rey last season, find themselves in fifth, with ​Real Madrid, Boca Juniors, Athletico Paranaense, Palmeiras and ​Chelsea completing the top ten.

Just back in July, ​Manchester United were 17th in terms of club rankings released by statistics website FiveThirtyEight which was behind clubs like Napoli, Inter Milan, RB Leipzig, Ajax and Bayer Leverkusen.

This time though, they are in an even more worse condition….


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