​Brazil and ​Real Madrid legend, Roberto Carlos has opened up on the “Galactico” era at the Bernabeu during his time, revealing that the superstars did whatever they wanted and that he doesn’t know how they got away with all that nonsense.

The 46-year-old who spent 11 seasons at the club admitted that the players got along very well, but that they always wanted wine and beer a day before the game and when not happy with a manager, they got him fired.

“In the second game of the league, we used to leave our stuff in the room, and before we had dinner, we used to have a glass of wine or beer. I remember a conversation between him, Ronaldo and me, where we told him: ‘Mister, people here are used to these sort of things, try not to change that,” Carlos said of Vanderlei Luxemburgo, who was sacked after three months, as per ​Livesoccernet.

“Don’t take the wine or beer away from us, because it will get you in trouble. He ignored us and he prohibited wine or beer from the dining table next week. He only lasted three months in charge.”

With a number of superstars in the squad, there would have been a lot of money around and Carlos agreed, revealing that they all led rich and lavish lifestyles.

“When the games ended, it was all private jets. We ran into each other at the private terminal in Barajas Airport. You saw Beckham going somewhere, Figo and Zidane going somewhere else, Ronaldo and myself taking another plane, and we had to be back in two days! I prayed for the games to be on Saturday, so I could go and watch Formula One races live.” 

“It was madness! Sometimes I look back and think how we were able to walk away with all that nonsense?”, he concluded.


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